Pati Singe - Radio interview script

Interviewer: I'm here with Pati Singe who you might remember as a finalist in the 2007 series of The Biggest Loser.

And she totally transformed her body and life through that series. And in 2008 Pati's healthy lifestyle is still going strong, paying dividends it seems.

And, Pati, I believe you are shortly expecting a special delivery.

Pati Singe: I am, I am. I'm actually pregnant at the moment, seven months. So, yeah, I'm due in mid-November this year. Really excited. It's my first bub.

Interviewer: Well, big congratulations from all of us.

Pati Singe: Thank you [laughs]. Thank you.

Interviewer: And I guess now that you're a mum to be, your health is important more than ever...

Pati Singe: Yeah, yeah that's right. I - you know, throughout the whole experience I was doing it for myself and my family. But this has just kind of put a new spin on things.

I've got someone else who I'm directly responsible for now. So even more I'm kind of just conscious about what I'm doing exercise-wise and what I put into my body as well. So, yeah.

Interviewer: So you're a great inspiration to all of our people. How much of a difference has having a healthy lifestyle made to your life?

Pati Singe: You can't - I didn't expect to get as much out of it as I did. Honestly, I went into it just with the mindset of losing weight. Obviously there was all the health benefits from that as well.

But it's just opened up so many doors as far as, you know, confidence-wise goes. I'm open to new experiences now. I'm letting myself be, I suppose, a bit more confident in everything that I do. And because of that I'm willing to kind of be a lot more active and outgoing as well. So my life has just kind of opened up.

It's been an amazing experience.

Interviewer: And you're looking absolutely fabulous too...

Pati Singe: [Laughs] Thank you.

Interviewer: ... I might add, to everyone out there.

And what about your family? Has the new you, in inverted commas, has that made a big difference to their lives as well?

Pati Singe: Yeah, it has. It was amazing to see when I came back home just how much of an impact my experiences had had on my family.

Obviously I was hoping to be some sort of a role model to my nieces and nephews because there's a lot of them; I've got a big family. But to see my aunties and uncles and mum and dad and my sisters and brothers as well take up different ways of doing things to improve their lifestyle, and that just kind of filters down into their family, like with my nieces and nephews as well.

So, yeah, changes; health-wise, diet-wise, exercise-wise. It's been really good.

Interviewer: So you've inspired your family to get on their own health kicks, have you?

Pati Singe: Yeah, in their own ways. You know, everyone has to do what's comfortable for them and what fits in with their regime. But different families have done different things, yeah. So it's been really good. Good to see.

Interviewer: In The Biggest Loser it is quite a heavy schedule that you've got there, which - I don't know. How do you adjust that for normal living...

Pati Singe: Yeah...

Interviewer: ... like - because you can't crash diet like that...

Pati Singe: No, you can't.

Interviewer: ... or crash exercise like that all the time.

Pati Singe: And you don't have the luxury of spending 24 hours a day, seven days a week just focusing on it.

I suppose one of the biggest challenges for me when I left The Biggest Loser experience was to actually enter my life again, and then try and strike that balance between what I knew I had to do to stay healthy and all the other stuff that comes with life like working, you know, and just chores and things that take up time.

So it's just - it's finding ways of making time for yourself and not feeling guilty about it as well, and setting blocks of time aside, and just getting out there and finding things that you enjoy to do that's active as well.

Interviewer: So tell us a bit about some of those changes that you've implemented in your life, as a lifestyle choice rather than a short-term thing.

Pati Singe: Yeah. I suppose it's changed a bit now because I can't really be as physical as I used to be.

But I go for walks like every afternoon. And as long as you - I have a heart rate monitor. As long as you kind of watch that, then you can get just the same amount of exercise and I suppose results from doing that. So it's walking up hills, taking my dog for a walk. I go to the gym a couple of times a week as well, and that's like a treat for me, you know, just getting out of the house and things like that.

And when I go shopping, just being sensible about what I put in the trolley, especially now that I have cravings and stuff [laughs], it's getting pretty bad.

But, yeah, you just kind of have to put limits on what you eat. Be sensible about it.

Interviewer: And how does it make you feel to be a healthy person?

Pati Singe: Totally different, you know, because I've lived most of my life being overweight and making really, really bad choices when it came to healthy lifestyle options and stuff.

So it's a tot... it's totally new ground for me. Just really - I'm still really, really enjoying it still. Such a - what's the word, like a... to me, I'm not trying to take it for granted. I'm going to do everything I can to stay in this sort of frame of mind because I can - I know that it's a better place to be.

Interviewer: And in the long-term you've got a family to take care of too now, haven't you?

Pati Singe: [Laughs] Yeah, it's a lovely thought.

Interviewer: So what would you say to someone who wants to start changing their lifestyle for the better?

Pati Singe: Who wants to start?

Interviewer: Mmm.

Pati Singe: First off, stop talking about it and do it. Start today. It doesn't have to be anything drastic. You know, often drastic changes and drastic diets and all that sort of stuff, they don't work because you're not ready for it and it's too much of a change to kind of, you know, move into your life.

So it's just making the smaller choices. Going for half an hour walks in the afternoon. You know, going to the park if you've got kiddies and kicking the footy, you know, footballs around with them. And maybe starting to have, like, you know, salads three times a week.

If you just start with small changes like that and then slowly increase that into your day to day life, then you'll be surprised at the sort of results you'll get. And fairly quickly as well. You'll feel it probably before you see it. But, yeah, the results will kind of creep up on you.

Interviewer: What are the sort of small changes that you made to your lifestyle in terms of eating habits and...

Pati Singe: Oh, I've had to cut down on coconut curry and chicken - coconut curry chicken and rice.

Interviewer: [Laughs] Oh, no good.

Pati Singe: Yeah, yeah, I know.


It was like a staple diet of mine. But, look, every time I go around, you've got to treat yourself, you know. It is just about being sensible. Pack your lunch to work, just things like that, and have a fruit if you're hungry instead of, you know, reaching for a packet of chips or soft drink or, you know, just things like that.

Yeah so...

Interviewer: When - in following a healthy lifestyle how do you stay motivated?

Pati Singe: Probably - there's probably two kind of things that I use to motivate myself. One of them is my family. They were a huge support factor with me going through the whole experience. And just knowing that I've managed to impact their life and how proud they are of me, I suppose, makes me want to keep going in that thing that I've started. So that's one of the things that keeps me going.

The second one is how I feel at the moment. I probably wouldn't replace, you know, the way that I feel now compared to how I was a year and a half ago.

So, yeah, it's just knowing those changes and knowing that they're better for you.

Interviewer: Okay. What would you say to any of our listeners out there who want to change their lifestyle for the better?

Pati Singe: Yeah, like I said, start today please [laughs]. Honestly, it's one thing to talk about, it's another thing to do it. And, like I said, it doesn't have to be something drastic. Just figure out what you can do today that you're comfortable with, and start. And just build on that.

See if you can get your family involved and your friends as well because the more people you have around you that actually know that you're going to do it, you're less likely to back out. And you'd be surprised that when you start talking to people they'll jump on the bandwagon, you know, with you. And it's a hell of a lot more fun to exercise and go for a walk with someone than do it yourself as well.

Interviewer: What about support programs in the community? Should we go and see our doctor before we embark on a program?

Pati Singe: Yeah, I would. I would definitely recommend it especially if you have, like, a pre-existing health condition. Have a yarn with them. And that way they can kind of let you know - you can also sit down and talk to them about, you know, your goal weight and what your healthy weight should be. And they're able to remind you about all the health benefits of actually making that change as well. And there is a whole list of them, you know, like heart disease and diabetes, which is rife, you know, at the moment.


Interviewer: Particularly in our community.

Pati Singe: Particularly - yeah, in the Indigenous community, that's right.

So, yeah, have a yarn with our health specialist. There's also local health workers and stuff like that who are all full of knowledge and they'll be able to point you in the right direction as far as additional support and stuff like that goes.

Interviewer: And rope in your family?

Pati Singe: Rope in your family. Hell yeah [laughs]. Yeah. They're your biggest, you know, support network. And I found out they're my - they're going to be your biggest fan with doing this sort of stuff.

And ultimately they're going to see the benefits, you know, from you changing your life. So, yeah, get them involved. It should be a family activity, definitely.

Interviewer: Well, thank you for your tips.

Pati Singe: No worries.

Interviewer: We wish you all the best...

Pati Singe: Thank you.

Interviewer: ... in the future coming months ahead.

Pati Singe: Thank you, yeah, it's going to be exciting [laughs].

Interviewer: Thanks for your time today.

Pati Singe: Excellent. Thank you Nancy.