Rohanee Cox - Radio interview script

Interviewer: Hi, I'm joined here in the studio today with Olympic basketballer and silver medallist Rohanee Cox.

Welcome Rohanee and congratulations on winning silver. It must have been an amazing experience.

Rohanee Cox: Yeah, I mean it's really hard to explain what I was feeling to represent my country over in Beijing. Just very speechless and really amazed.

Interviewer: Did you cry when you picked up the medal?

Rohanee Cox: I was a bit emotional, but I think the emotions sort of came from actually loosing in the gold medal game.

Interviewer: Yeah.

Rohanee Cox: But at the same time happy that we won a medal, so...

Interviewer: Yeah.

Rohanee Cox: …I was just over the moon.

Interviewer: Excellent, excellent. Okay, you're definitely an inspiration to all of us as an athlete, but there's also another achievement you're equally proud of, which is being mother to your seven year old daughter Alyriah.

Rohanee Cox: Yeah, I mean, you know, she has been an inspiration since she was born. I used to live on a community and I just looked at her - yeah, you know, my daughter's always been an inspiration for me. Since she was born all I've wanted to do is make sure that she has every opportunity she could have, wherever she lived. And, yeah, moving into the city was just one of the best things I think I've ever done for her.

So I'm just happy things have turned okay.

Interviewer: Excellent, excellent.

Okay, well one way to ensure that our kids have every opportunity, just like you were talking about, is to bring them up to embrace a healthy lifestyle. So as a parent, what would you say are some of the most important things you can do to help your kids to grow up healthy?

Rohanee Cox: Well definitely eat a lot of fruit and vegetables. I mean it's good for you. It keeps you active and it gives you energy to actually run around, play sport and yeah, it just gives you a healthy body and a healthy mind. So yeah, eat as much veggies and fruit as you can, because it will just make you feel better as well.

Interviewer: And so did you encourage your daughter to eat lots of fruit of veg from a young age?

Rohanee Cox: Yeah, oh, sh... my daughter eats anything, so it wasn't hard.

Interviewer: [Laughs] You're lucky.

Rohanee Cox: It wasn't hard for me to give her like a lot of fruit and veggies.

Interviewer: Excellent, excellent. That's really, really good. And what about - have you always made sure that your daughter is seeing you eating a healthy diet?

Rohanee Cox: Yeah. I mean, whatever I eat, she eats. So I think I'm a really lucky parent that my daughter isn't a fussy eater. I mean she loves, like, you know, cabbage and broccoli and...

Interviewer: Wow.

Rohanee Cox: ...cauliflower and like all the carrots and stuff. So I'm, yeah, pretty happy and a lucky mum that my daughter eats lots of veggies and salads.

Interviewer: Yeah, so it's easy for you to make sure she's eating a good diet then?

Rohanee Cox: Yeah, it is.

Interviewer: That's excellent. Excellent. Okay, than, well I think maybe it's also important to point out that fruit and veg can be pretty hard to get hold of sometimes, depending on where you live. So fresh, can, or frozen is equally as healthy.

But it's not just healthy diet that's important. As a world-class athlete you'd be pretty aware that regular exercise is equally as important in a healthy lifestyle.

Rohanee Cox: Yeah, for sure. I mean, you can always eat the right foods and stuff. But yeah, you need to exercise to, like again, have a healthy body and mind. And like when you exercise, you feel better as a person and you feel, like you can feel the difference in your body.

Interviewer: Yeah.

Rohanee Cox: So just - yeah, exercising, what, 30 minutes a day, even if it's just going down to the park, or anything like that...

Interviewer: Yeah.

Rohanee Cox: ...with your kids and stuff.

Interviewer: Yeah, yeah.

Rohanee Cox: Yeah, like with my daughter I, like, I put her in a basketball so she plays basketball...

Interviewer: Okay.

Rohanee Cox: ...every Saturday mornings. So just doing that. And she always rebounds the ball for me when I shoot, so she's really active. I can't keep up with her sometimes.

Interviewer: Oh, that's great. Oh, that's good.

Well, there you go. I mean - because sometimes it can be difficult as a mum, to find that extra time to be active with your kids. But I mean, I guess that's one way isn't it? Like, going and shooting some hops with your kids, or going and throwing a footy around in the park.

Rohanee Cox: Yeah.

Interviewer: That sort of thing.

Rohanee Cox: Yeah, just little things like that.

Interviewer: That's excellent, that's excellent. And maybe, you know, even if you're not a sporting type, I mean what are some other things that people can do to be active in their daily lives?

Rohanee Cox: Yeah, just maybe go for a casual walk, or...

Interviewer: Yep.

Rohanee Cox: ...swimming maybe...

Interviewer: Yep, yep.

Rohanee Cox: ...or maybe some weights, or - like, there's a lot of things you could do. I think the best way to exercise would be with friends, or with family...

Interviewer: Definitely.

Rohanee Cox: ...just so, yeah, you're not bored, exercising yourself and like with having friends and family there, I think they will help you motivate yourself even more.

Interviewer: Well that's true, I mean because you're part of a team, so you've got the support of your team mates to motivate you and get you out there on the court and everything. So how are some ways people can get more motivated at home?

Rohanee Cox: Well I think, like if your friends or family do sport, I think you feel, like obliged to going to do some stuff...

Interviewer: Yeah.

Rohanee Cox: well. So like, you feel lazy if you don't do an exercise. But yeah, it - like exercising is - it's not a chore...

Interviewer: Yeah.

Rohanee Cox:, you don't have to make it a chore. You can make it fun. I mean you can do like dance aerobics and stuff like that. So like maybe play netball or throw the Rugby around, or cricket, or - yeah, there's a lot of things you can do out there to become fit and healthy. You don't have to be like a, you know, a top flight athlete to be healthy...

Interviewer: Absolutely.

Rohanee Cox: can just be...

Interviewer: Absolutely.

Rohanee Cox: every day hard working person.

Interviewer: I mean again this - for any young mothers at there that are finding it more difficult, perhaps they could form some kind of group or something like that, and exercise together?

Rohanee Cox: Yeah, for sure. I mean, like my mum and her friend walks every morning. It's 5.30, I wouldn't get up that early.

Interviewer: [Laughs]

Rohanee Cox: But they walk every morning and like...

Interviewer: That's excellent.

Rohanee Cox: ...I think it's fun for them, because they can like catch up on gossip...

Interviewer: Yeah.

Rohanee Cox: ...and just little things like that.

Interviewer: Exactly. So it can be a social activity as well.

Rohanee Cox: Yeah.

Interviewer: That's excellent.

Rohanee Cox: And family games as well like, you know, maybe have a day at the beach playing cricket, or...

Interviewer: Yeah.

Rohanee Cox: ...just little things like that, or Rugby around here in Queensland. So...

Interviewer: [Laughs] They're all great ideas. That's a great way to get active with your family or friends. And it's true that even just these tiny little differences - tiny little changes can make a world of difference.

Now is there anything else that people can do to find out more about living a healthy lifestyle?

Rohanee Cox: Oh yeah, you want to live a healthy lifestyle, just head to for more information. And yeah, you know, like exercising and eating well could change your life completely.

Interviewer: Yes, absolutely. But we should point out that it's important to see your doctor if you're going to make any changes in your lifestyle.

Rohanee Cox: Yes, for sure...

Interviewer: Just in case.

Rohanee Cox: ...see your doctor, just in case. But yeah, if it's just simple exercising, like going for a walk and stuff, like any little thing will help you and eating well.

Interviewer: That's awesome. Thank you so much for your time Rohanee, I really appreciate it.

Rohanee Cox: Thank you.